Choosing a Layout for Your Kitchen
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When you are planning your kitchen remodel you need to choose a kitchen shape that meets your needs and fits with your home’s design and flow. Traditionally, kitchens come in various shapes, the most popular of which are discussed here:

"L" Shaped Kitchens:

An "L" shaped kitchen has two of the three major kitchen appliances on one wall. The existing plumbing and electrical setups dictate where you place things, unless you’re planning some major repositioning of supply lines and wiring.
An "L"shaped kitchen can accommodate a center island or a peninsula, depending on the size of the kitchen space. Just make sure you have at least 42 inches of clearance between the island and any cabinets, and make that distance 48 inches if you have two cooks in the family.

"U" Shaped Kitchens: A "U" shaped kitchen is similar to an L-shaped kitchen, but with three wall surfaces instead of two. In a U-shaped design, you typically have the sink on one wall, the range and oven on another, and the refrigerator on the third wall.
This layout makes good use of counter space because usually it has more counter space per square foot than any other design. You have counter area on both sides of the sink, as well as adequate working space next to the range. A U-shaped kitchen also usually has plenty of counter space next to the refrigerator, which is great when you want a place to set those full bags of groceries. This layout makes everyday life a bit easier.

"G" Shaped Kitchens: This style is relatively new in kitchen designs and is becoming quite popular, but only when the kitchen boasts enough floor and area space to allow for a fourth wall. The short fourth wall is what changes the shape from a "U" to a "G" shape.

"I" Shaped Kitchens: The "I"shaped kitchen places all the appliances on one wall, and it doesn’t provide a very efficient work area. However, in some cases the "I" shaped kitchen is your only option.